Interview with Miss Galaxy International Rachael Tate

Rachael Tate was recently crowned the new Miss Galaxy 2014 over in America beating off all the other competition from all over the world.


Returning back home to Wales from America with her new stunning crown Rachael has given us a little interview sharing tips, preparation, her goals and what she had to do to achieve this prestigious title Miss Galaxy 2014

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Rachael won Miss Galaxy Wales back in March 2013 as well as sweeping the board with best evening wear, best interview, best swimwear, best fashion wear and style queen. 


How did you prepare for Miss Galaxy Wales?


Rachael: When I found out I had been accepted into Miss Galaxy Wales representing Denbighshire I was really excited, I knew it would be a tough competition but I was determined ensure that I put all my efforts into being the best I could be for every single round. During the run up to the Finals in March I spent a lot of time in the gym, I ate healthy as I believe a healthy way of life is important, I visited the Dress Studio for my outfits for the competition and ensured I was always active within my community making various appearances. 


How did you feel during Miss Galaxy Wales in March? 


Rachael: I felt nervous but excited, this was the second time that I had entered Miss Galaxy. I entered Miss Galaxy in 2011 the year that Jamie Lee Williams won, a fellow welsh beauty queen, and went on to America to take the international title. As this was the second time I felt I had to put my all into every round.


You must have been ecstatic when you won Galaxy Wales?


Rachael: I couldn't belive that I had won, I felt honoured and privileged to have competed with my fellow delegates, one of which had been in Miss Universe, Chloe Beth Morgan! I was ready to take on the USA!


How did you prepare for America?


Rachael: I spent more time in the gym increasing my muscle mass and ensuring I always ate well and looked after myself. I continued with my appearances making 64 in total by the time I got to the USA. I kept in contact with the director Holly Ikin, to ensure that I was as prepared as I could possibly be. 


America must have been an amazing experience, what did you do when you heard your name being called out as the new Miss Galaxy 2014?


Rachael: I cried! I just couldn't believe it. America was unlike anything I have experienced before. I had previously competed at a European level in Miss European winning the title Miss European 2011 however I had not competed internationally prior to Galaxy. After winning I ate pizza and feel asleep! Not as glamorous as most people would imagine! 


What are your ambitions and plans for the future?


Rachael: I plan to use my title to carry on being a part of my community, carry out charity appearances, public appearances, photo shoots and modeling. So far I have had the privileged of meeting many inspirational people through my title, such as Dean Puplett Appeal.


To follow Rachael through her exciting year as Miss Galaxy 2014 you can follow her on Facebook.

Rachael Tate
Rachael Tate
Rachael Tate
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