Miss Crown & Glory United Kingdom 2013-2014 Nicola Davies

About Our UK 2013 Queen


Nicola Davies only 22 years old from Owestry was Crowned "Miss Crown & Glory UK" last February as well as taking home the Miss Charity award for raising over £1000 for the hospice of the good shepherd.


Always wanting to be a model but being held back by low confidence Nicola never thought she would have been doing anything to which she is doing now.


Since being crowned in February Nicola has taken part in Fashion shows, Appearances, modelling projects and fundraising for the hospice.


In October 2013 Nicola travelled to the Grand Canyon with the Hospice, to walk and visit all the different areas of the Canyon.

Now Nicola's confidence has blossomed shes also taken part in Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant placing 3rd and has her sights set on Miss Galaxy in the future.


Here is what she had to say about becoming a beauty queen.

How did you get into the beauty pageants?


Nicola: I actually looked at the pageant website so many times before I entered. The main reason I entered was curiosity. I wanted to see if I could actually do it and hoped it would gain me more confidence. I now also appreciate how much time and effort goes into preparing for pageants. 


What did you do in the run up to Miss Crown & Glory Beauty Pageant?


Nicola: On the run up to the pageant, as I had never participated in anything like this before I researched various pageants and looked at how to walk, pose etc. I was fortunate enough to have tips from current reigning queens, and so i practiced at home. I made in total eleven appearances as a finalist and really enjoyed challenging myself with the fundraising part of the pageant. In total I raised £1040.


How did you feel during Miss Crown & Glory UK 2013?


Nicola: I felt apprehensive but excited, this was the first pageant i had entered. It was also a new pageant so I think all of the girls felt that they had to make a good impression. I'd always dreamed of having the confidence to be on stage, but never imagined that it would become a reality! 


How did you feel when your number was called as the winner?


Nicola: I honestly couldn't believe it, they first called out my number for the charity title which I was thrilled about because this was important to me as I wanted to help such a worthy charity. Then, as soon as I'd gone down the steps off the stage I was called again. I had to double check my number twice because I was stunned. There was so many girls that all worked so hard on the night, and all were deserving of the crown.  It was such a buzz winning!


Do you have any tips for the stage?


Nicola: I think one of the most important things that you should do on the day is get used to your surroundings. Walk up and down the stage, and find out before hand if there are any steps. Practice walking up and down them at home in heels! 


Any tips for preparing?


Nicola: Smile! The judges love to be smiled at. It shows your enjoying yourself and makes the judges do the same. Forget everyone else around you and just have fun!


What are your ambitions and plans for the future?


Nicola: I plan to carry on fundraising for the pageants chosen charity which is hospice of the good shepherd and the Dean Puplett Appeal. In doing this I will be trekking through the Grand Canyon in October which will be a huge challenge. Winning the pageant has enabled me to create a portfolio so I aim to expand my modelling career. Having Hannah hunter on my side has been fantastic, she has organised many shoots and appearances for me and always in touch.


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