Tips by Junior Crown & Glory UK 2016/2017 Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith is a very dedicated, hard working and thoughtful young lady!

At only 8 years old and from North Lanarkshire. Brooke won her first regional which took her to Nationals representing Scotland and being her first attempt; Brooke wowed the judges and took home the Junior Crown & Glory UK National title 2016. 

Brooke not only won the UK national title but she was also crowned Junior Crown & Glory Charity UK 2016 for her hard work fundraising £3,041.50 for Dean Puplett - Fight against neuroblastoma cancer; as well as winning the junior Publicity side award with a staggering 57 appearances and Junior best in interview. 

Brooke shares with us her tips and how she prepares for a beauty pageant. 

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Ant Bradshaw 

Any tips on preparing for upcoming pageants?




Tip 1 "I set myself a goal, maybe 30 appearances, then I plan on how I am going to achieve that. I find listing everything that I have planned works well and I always have my crown & sash in the car, should an unexpected appearance pop up".

Tip 2 "I always practice my walk for each round in my gown, shoes etc to make sure I am comfortable and that I am able to move the way I want too. You dont want to step on it and fall over it. That wouldn't be very good now, would it?"

Tip 3 "When walking I think it's important to take my time, but not like a snail. The judges need time to see me walk and to write; so I walk nice and slow and I make sure I look at every one of them at least once per round".

Tip 4 "Prepare. I have a pageant kit at home. It is like a big beauty box and I keep everything in there. Rollers, Tongs, hairspray, pins, double sided tape, clear nail polish, sewing kit....basically everything you will need to sort a dress, loose a stone or burst stitching Better to have it and not need it than not have it".

Tip 5 "If you're a junior, don't book the makeup artist! Stay as natural as you can. We have our whole lives to wear makeup so look after your skin".


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